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Cabinets By Steve is located in the Portland, Oregon area and is owned by Steve Cook. Steve started CBS in 1997 and brings over 25 years of cabinet making experience to our company

While we build all types of residential and commercial cabinetry, our main focus is on "full-access" kitchen, bath, and closet cabinetry.


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  At CBS, we strive to provide high quality craftsmanship in everything we build, and to give our clients the highest standard of customer service. Punctuality, honesty, and dependability are what you deserve, and that's what you can expect from us.
When designing your cabinets, we take the time to listen. From concept to completion we put together your individual needs and desires with our professional design ideas, to provide you with cabinetry that is most functional and pleasing to you.


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Owner - Steve P. Cook
Phone: 503-663-2641


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Mike Boeh
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Why should I choose custom cabinets over the cabinets from the big retailers?

The biggest benefit to custom is the “yours only” factor. Custom cabinetry is built to your exact specifications – color, door style, wood species and finish. Cabinet height and depth can be adjusted to fit corners or unusually-shaped spaces. When buying cabinets retail you are limited to the standard sizes, which limit your ability to create a custom look. Also, we build, finish, and install the cabinets so we have control over quality at every step in the process. In regards to pricing, there is a perception that custom cabinets are more expensive than those found at the big retailers,but in reality our pricing is very competitive.

Do you build cabinets for other rooms besides kitchens?

Yes. We can build cabinetry for any room or space that you want.

Do you work with homeowners as well as builders?

Yes. Most often we work through builders but are happy to work directly with homeowners too.

How do I begin a remodeling project that includes cabinetry?

It is important to start with a little research to get a feel for what types of materials and styles you like. Read home furnishings and design magazines and visit web sites for ideas and design tips.

Do I need to work with a kitchen designer or will you help with the design process?

When working with a builder most often they have a finished plan that we work with. Our real strength is in taking the design concept and making it a reality, however, in our 20 plus years of cabinet building we have gained a great deal of knowledge on design and can help you through that process depending on the complexity of the project.

What is the work triangle and is it really important to consider when designing a kitchen?

The “work triangle” is created by the refrigerator, cooktop and sink, which must all be within three steps of each other, for the most efficient cooking space. This is why galley kitchens work so well – they may be small spaces, but everything is easily accessible.


Do your cabinets have soft close doors and drawers?

Although some situations do not allow the use of the soft close feature, typically they do.

Do you have a showroom?

No, but upon request we have several past clients that have offered to make their finished projects available for viewing.

Do you warranty your cabinets?

Hinges and drawers slides are warranted for life. The cabinets have a five years limited warrantee against defects in materials and workmanship